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28th Dec, 2007

imzadi, riker/troi, romance


What better way to christen a recs journal than with yuletide?

Have managed to work my way through almost everything in fandoms I know at last. There was so much good stuff written for yuletide this year, and I still can't believe how many treats got done in the last couple of days!

I don't know what the protocol is on reccing one's own story/ies before the reveal, so I haven't included the one I wrote even though I am rather pleased with the way it turned out. Obviously I will post when the reveal happens. ;)

Arthurian LegendCollapse )

CS Lewis - Chronicles Of NarniaCollapse )

David Eddings - The BelgariadCollapse )

David Eddings - The TamuliCollapse )

Gail Carson Levine - Ella EnchantedCollapse )

Fairy Tales (traditional)Collapse )

The Fifth ElementCollapse )

He-Man/She-RaCollapse )

Philip Pullman - His Dark MaterialsCollapse )

George RR Martin - A Song Of Ice And FireCollapse )

GilgameshCollapse )

Hot FuzzCollapse )

Imagine Me & YouCollapse )

The IncrediblesCollapse )

Jesus Christ SuperstarCollapse )

A Knight's TaleCollapse )

Mythology - Greek & RomanCollapse )

Sesame StreetCollapse )

She's The ManCollapse )

The SimpsonsCollapse )

Space CampCollapse )

Susan Cooper - The Dark Is RisingCollapse )

Tamora Pierce - Tortall SeriesCollapse )

ThundercatsCollapse )

Terry Pratchett - DiscworldCollapse )

Tom Stoppard - ArcadiaCollapse )

Transformers (2007 movie)Collapse )

Phew! I'm sure there's more utterly awesome recs to be found at yuletide, but that's me done.