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What better way to christen a recs journal than with yuletide?

Have managed to work my way through almost everything in fandoms I know at last. There was so much good stuff written for yuletide this year, and I still can't believe how many treats got done in the last couple of days!

I don't know what the protocol is on reccing one's own story/ies before the reveal, so I haven't included the one I wrote even though I am rather pleased with the way it turned out. Obviously I will post when the reveal happens. ;)

Arthurian Legend

Envying Angels (Galahad/Percival). This is simply a beautiful look at Galahad and his temptations.

CS Lewis - Chronicles Of Narnia

The Lost Heir (Lucy/Tumnus). A lovely little tale of Lucy, Tumnus, Edmund and how things might have gone.

Cry for Yesterday. I adore this look at the children fresh from Narnia, and still almost Kings and Queens.

The Lady Running (Lucy/Tumnus). I wasn't a Lucy/Tumnus fan until this year, and then two fabulous stories come along at once. This is a hot and sweet little first-time piece and captures Lucy wonderfully.

David Eddings - The Belgariad

Mar Amon, Summer (Belgarath/OFC). Perfect Belgarath voice, I can just imagine this as a little interlude left out of his travels.

David Eddings - The Tamuli

Five Rules of Thieving (Danae/Talen). I love Aphrael stories, and this is great fun. The ending especially is fantastic.

Gail Carson Levine - Ella Enchanted

Unsent (Ella/Char). Only short, but wonderfully bittersweet and although I've only seen the movie, this struck me as very true to the character voices.

Fairy Tales (traditional)

The Boy Without Fear. I have no idea what the original tale for this is, but I could read this alone anyway. A lovely richly woven story.

Bittersweet. This is a really funny, sweet and unusual modern take on a fairy tale that I'm not going to spoil. Loved it.

Swansong. The youngest swan brother, after. Just simply a beautiful idea, beautifully done.

The Field Ploughed. Again I don't recall the original tale here, but this reads like a true fairy tale from beginning to lovely, powerful ending.

What the Pea Proved. A great mixture of fairy tales with a great, sassy heroine who really makes the story come to life. A lot of fun recognising all the little touches, too.

The Fifth Element

Public Interest (Corben/Leeloo). Totally head-on character voices, and very funny, this totally captures the tone of the movie. I love the development of the OFC here.


The First Kiss (Adora/Glimmer, Adora/Mermista, Adora/Castaspella). My own personal little yuletide treat, and utterly adorable. (Pardon the pun!) A great little look at Adora's differing relationships through the years.

The Death of Myth-making (Adora/Catra). This is a brilliantly developed AU. Even the supporting characters are woven into their different roles beautifully. I've never felt for Catra before, but this is a great look at how her life could have been.

Philip Pullman - His Dark Materials

And The Rest Will Follow (Will/Lyra). A very true-to-characters look at Lyra after, trying to reconcile herself with studying at Oxford and still not losing her purpose.

The Ivory Horn. I think this is, quite simply, the best story written for Yuletide this year. I won't spoil the twist - just read it. You won't be disappointed.

George RR Martin - A Song Of Ice And Fire

The Truth of Others (Rhaegar/Lyanna). Another short but poignant treat, I love the way it deals with the nature of truth and still doesn't give any answers.


To the Westward Shores. An incredibly rich story of Gilgamesh and Enkidu, and some Darmokian glee thrown in for good measure. Thick prose, but beautiful.

Hot Fuzz

Bend Hard (Nick/Danny). A post-movie piece with great character voices, this feels like it could fit perfectly on the end. Love it.

Imagine Me & You

Hydrangeas (Rachel/Luce). A very true to life look at friendship between Rach and Heck, the awkwardness of things after the movie and how they start trying to get past it. Fab.

Things Found (Rachel/Luce). A really great little twist on the end of the movie that I'd never considered and is now totally canon for me. A great moment of dialogue with H and Rachel which could have come straight from the movie, too.

Like A Cheesy Pop Song (Rachel/Luce). Sweet and pretty and a continuation of the happy ending - just what the title says, which is great.

Hyacinths Mean, "You're Still A Wanker, Number Nine" (Rachel/Luce). Hot and funny, just like the movie.

The Incredibles

Fabulous. This just is Edna. Fabulous, darling, fabulous.

Jesus Christ Superstar

Love You Tomorrow (Jesus/Judas). A powerful look at Judas the man and how he doubts, why he doubts, and why he does what he does.

A Knight's Tale

The Prince and the Chaucer (Edward/Geoff). I like the way Edward and Geoff step around each other here and yet still understand each other perfectly. Some great supporting voices, too.

Mythology - Greek & Roman

The Year-Wheel's Reunion. The power of this little story depends on not being spoiled so I won't, but it's very well-written and true to the tone of the myth, even while turning it on its head.

Sesame Street

Why Sex Ed Should Stay in Schools (Bert/Ernie). SO wrong, so hysterical, and so absolutely perfect.

She's The Man

Seven Layer Confusion Cake (Viola/Olivia). This movie just needs a femslash fix-it, and this story does it wonderfully. Exactly what should happen.

Kiss the Girl (Viola/Olivia). This manages to be both sweet and bittersweet, and is totally what I imagine coming out of the movie.

The Simpsons

The Fearless Moral Inventory of Milhouse Van Houten. Great Simpsons voice. This is totally how Milhouse will turn out.

Space Camp

Small Creatures (Tish/Kathryn). I'm biased because this was written for me, but this is just wonderful. I love the way their relationship develops into spending their lives together, without ever sacrificing their dreams, which is how it should be for these characters.

Susan Cooper - The Dark Is Rising

Outside Time (Will/Bran/Jane). This is beautiful piece of Will finding his way in the world, and his new purpose with Bran and Jane.

Of Smoke and Gold and Breathing (Will/Bran/Jane). Some great intertwining of alternate and real reality, and the relationships are deep and lovely.

Tamora Pierce - Tortall Series

Intensity. Jonathan and George, and a nice look at their relationship in private. I love George's insight and the implications for Jon here, and the ending is a little killer.

Doubts. Alanna during The Realms Of The Gods. This is such a sweet little thing, just like the darking.


Debriefing (Lion-O/Wily-Kit). Hot Thundercats smut? Count me totally in.

Terry Pratchett - Discworld

Blue Screen of Death. Death stories are great. I love this look at how he might deal with Hex, and how he's utterly out of his depth.

The Birthday of Eternity. ...and here how he deals with Nanny Ogg and Granny Weatherwax. Someone left a great comment on this story thanking Mr Pratchett for signing up for Yuletide, and I couldn't agree with them more.

Tom Stoppard - Arcadia

Proof (Thomasina/Septimus). I have a weakness for Arcadia fic, and this has a great, sharp little Thomasina voice and feels like it could fit nicely into the play.

Transformers (2007 movie)

The Strut and Trade of Charms. This has a moment which is almost Mikaela/Bumblebee, which just made me squee with joy. I love the look at how they all work out together after the movie.

Sparks of Life. This has a great Sam voice, and I love how he learns to relate to the Autobots here.

Phew! I'm sure there's more utterly awesome recs to be found at yuletide, but that's me done.
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